Farm-to-Table Options for Your Family

Many people prefer to eat chemical-free, grass-fed beef. For this reason, Ayavalla Land Company, is proud to offer you the opportunity to purchase meat directly from our local farm.

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Individual Cuts

Ayavalla is proud to partner with Red Hills Online Farmers Market to provide you with individual cuts of our grass-fed, chemical-free beef.

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Buying in Bulk

For buyers seeking 15lbs of beef or more or those interested in buying a whole or half of a cow for custom cuts,  please visit the Ayavalla Facebook page for information on current sales.

How Does Buying a Whole or Half Cow Work?

Prices are quoted per pound hanging weight and includes delivery to the butcher. A $200 deposit is required prior to the delivery and the balance is due once the hanging weight is determined by the butcher. The buyer pays the butcher fees. You discuss the cuts and any parts you want directly with the butcher. Buyers are welcome to form a group to share a whole or half cow.

How to Estimate Your Cost

An average cow is 45o pounds hanging weight. Therefore, you would multiply the cost per pound times 450 pounds hanging weight (whole cow), plus the butcher’s processing fee to estimate the total cost. A whole cow will easily fit into a 16 cubic foot freezer. To estimate the cost of a half cow, you would multiply the cost per pound times 225 pounds, plus the butcher’s processing fee. Larger and smaller cows are available. If you have a preference, please let us know.

NOTE: The final cost depends on the size of the cow. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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If you are interested in receiving notifications of sales, purchasing our cattle to butcher or to purchase cattle to add to your breeding stock, please fill out the form below or visit our Facebook page by clicking on the icon in footer