The Land

Ayavalla is about 5,000 acres along the north shore of Lake Jackson. It consists of rolling hills, wetlands and a wide prairie near the level of the lake. We intentionally manage our pastures to encourage native grasses and legumes to provide a tasty treat for our cattle and all of the wildlife that live on our land. Our entire property is managed without chemicals. This includes herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers and we use no-till planting whenever practical. 

In an average rainfall year, about eight billion gallons of water falls onto our land. Some of this water feeds the Lake Jackson basin with clean water. The rest of the water percolates into the Florida aquifer with much needed chemical-free water. Much of this water comes back to the surface through Wakulla springs.

Photo of a sun setting on moss covered oaks over a clay road.


Of rolling hills, wetlands and wide prarie along the North Shore of Lake Jackson.


Gallons of water collected on Ayavalla. 

Beef Cattle

Roam on pastures throughout Ayavalla, mimicing wild buffalo herds in the wild.


Our cattle receive no hormones, vaccinations or parasite medication and we use no synthetic fertilizers.

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Ayavalla Land Company, LLC
4975 Clippys Drive,
Tallahassee, FL 32303

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