Our Cattle

At the time of this writing, Ayavalla is home to about 650 beef cattle. These cows are managed in a way that mimics the beneficial impacts of buffalo herds in the wild. The herd is fenced into relatively small pastures for short periods of time to create the herd effect that is so beneficial to the soil and grass. Most of the time, each herd is moved daily to a new pasture and depending on conditions, they may be moved up to four times per day.

Since 2014, we have been integrating African Mashona genetics into our herd.

The Mashona cattle, originally from Zimbabwe, are very well adapted to our climate and our vegetation. They are heat tolerant, parasite resistant and nutritionally adapted to subtropical forages. They even like to browse the bushes. The importance of this adaptation is that our cattle are also chemical free. They receive no hormones, vaccinations or parasite medication. This means their manure is organic fertilizer and that is how we manage the land with no synthetic fertilizers.

A photo of a full-grown, black Mashona bull.
Photo of a group of cattle feeding on natural grass in a pasture on Ayavalla.
Photo of a brown cow feeding on natural grass in a pasture on Ayavalla.

Ayavalla Land Company is dedicated to rebuilding our land and soil through regenerative agricultural. We are developing a herd of 100% grass fed hybrid cattle that are raised with no antibiotics. Our cows graze on chemical free pastures of native grasses

Purchase Breeding Stock

If you are interested in purchasing our cattle to add to your herd, please contact us to learn more.  We are developing our own composite cattle breed by crossing African Mashona with Red Angus, Red Devon, South Poll, and Beefmaster genetics. Our goal is to produce a breed of cattle specifically adapted to our environment.

This breed will have high levels of:
•  Heat Tolerance
•  Parasite Resistance
•  Efficiency on Low-Quality Browse and Forage
•  Mild Temperament
•  Fertility
•  High Degree of Hybrid Vigor when crossed with other breeds
•  High-Quality Grass Finish Ability

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Illustration of a cow

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